Meditations, pontifications and practical advice on using Git as part of a software configuration management (SCM) process.


  • Long Nguyen
    Long started working with Git as part of Insoshi, an open source social network platform written in Ruby on Rails. Before his incarnation as a startup founder, he was the technical lead on the SCM team at Discover Financial Services and a build/SCM consultant for OpenMake Software. While the two existences are on the opposite ends of the development spectrum, the end goal is still the same: a software development workflow that just works. Long has a Ph.D. in physics from The University of Chicago, specializing in the behavior of complex systems.
  • Sean Blanton
    Sean has worked for OpenMake Software for eleven and a half years as a software management expert based in Chicago. He has worked in one capacity or another with over 100 companies to help them manageĀ  there software lifecycle and automation, including the hard core build stuff. Sean has a Ph.D. in physics from The University of Chicago and enjoys working with equal thirds of creativity, social interaction and technology to create, communicate and implement solutions for giant and small companies alike according to their needs and industry best practices.